Want to Learn How to Joust?

Posted: January 12, 2012 in armour, Black Knight, jousting

The home base of KnightsEdge Jousting Academy is in Fort Collins, Colorado, a stone’s throw from the majestic Rocky Mountains. Students here learn horsemanship, medieval games and jousting skills from the well esteemed and experienced Black Knight himself. Our mission is to bring a lighter version of jousting to the Olympics, since it is a regal and age old sport that deserves to be part of our world’s celebration of talent.

  1. Kimberly R says:

    So tell us more details about the Clinics! How long do they go, what kind of advance warning does BK need, etc!

    • The KnightsEdge Jousting Academy is accepting qualified students to train in Fort Collins, CO in January 2012. The duration of the instruction is specific to each student. One week advance notice is required at this time.

      Instruction varies from one hour private lessions, to 3 day group lessions. BK will customize each clinic so that you can make the most of your lessons.

      You can leave a post with contact information and BK will respond as soon as possible. This week, the focus is horsemanship that includes training your horse if required. Next week, the focus will be more advanced horsemanship and the medieval games.

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  3. B.J. B says:

    This is great news, especially since I am local to the Fort Collins area! I would definitely like to find out more details.
    I can be reached at mjolnirhammers@yahoo.com (I would prefer to provide further contact information offline)


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