Jousting Clinics

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Stay tuned for the dates of the Chevaliere Noire, “Lady Knights” clinics coming to an equestrian centre near you.  We will be posting times, date and locations shortly!!!!

  1. Kimberly R says:

    Can’t wait to find out about these clinics!

  2. Lisa Oberman says:

    My name is Lisa Oberman. I wanted to share with everyone my uplifiting, incredibly interesting and invaluable lessons with our Andalusian horses while taking lessons with Patrick Lambke. What was different right away, I wasn’t zoning out in the lesson getting frustrated, my horse wasnt getting sloppy and dull from my lack of attention,,, it was like an electrical lightning storm,,, Attention and Interest at last. My horse and I were connected and ready.
    There was immediate improvement within the session It was exhilerating to know that and work with it. Each lesson was like summer horse camps, fun and all new. Never knew what to expectd, no worries.
    We had worked in my problem areas of collected relaxed gaits, lateral work and my seat , all not so interesting but it became very focused and it worked with PL. Moved on to jousting holding the shield first and taking hits while maintaining control and relaxation on Distinto who is a Powder Keg . I was having fun with the quintane,, . We worked on percision spear throws at a canter into the hay bale, catching rings with a spear and learning to hold the sword and much much more medieval fun practices. As a result, my riding improved, my horse looked forward to his encounters with Sir Patrick and we actually went to Estes Park at the International Jousting Torunament this past Sept. where I competed in Medieval Games on Distinto and won money! Distinto went into the Lyst in Heavy Armor with The Black Knight and stole the show! Though I cannot take lessons at the moment due to Geography,,, I hope soon to continue and advance on with more competitions with our team called Chevaliere Noire “Lady Knights”. I highly recommend lessons with Patrick for complete beginners to advanced riders. You will enjoy your experience and so will your horses.
    Just bring him cookies while he teaches!!

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