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Patrick Lambke is THE BLACK KNIGHT, a world renowned Full-contact Heavy Armour Champion of the Joust.  You will be transported into an emergent subculture of people dedicated to re-creating and living out the raw physical aggression and fierce passion of the true knights of the medieval era.  Experience the drama behind National Geographics, “Knights of Mayhem” series.  This book is dedicated to restoring the valour, honour, and integrity of this chivalrous sport for the next generation of knights.

Helen Daniel is the author of “The Medieval Knights of North America“.  A documentary has been filmed called “Black Knight Nation“.  The trailer is now available for viewing on YouTube.

  1. Patsy Hickman says:

    The Black Knight is the one true knight, this book shows all he has gone through to get were he is at. A true inspiration to those who love the times of the Olde.

  2. Medieval Martial Arts students are in full-training at KnightsEdge Jousting Academy in Fort Collins, CO!!!

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