Patrick lambke “The black Knight”

Welcome to the BK blog!

Patrick Lambke is a Full-contact Jousting Champion, actor, musician, and photographer.  Here are a few action shots contained in “The Medieval Knights of North America“.  Patrick, being the BK, is in the black.  Patrick has won many tournaments in the Light and Heavy Armour Joust and starred on the hit series “Knights of Mayhem” on Nat Geo.

Patrick is currently training future jousters in Loveland, Colorado and welcomes all to join him in the quest to make this the sport of the century…again.  Visit the blogspot at

For more information on Distinto  (an Andalusian stallion) visit his site Blog:

"BK and Distinto"

The Black Knight and the White Phenomenon

"The joust"

London 2004 Heavy Armour Joust

  1. Lloyd Clark says:

    Wow, that picture on the right is awesome! Who is that dead handsome jouster that Pat is jousting? LOL

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